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Gantter is revolutionizing project scheduling

Gantter is a FREE project management tool for Project Managers of the new web era. Have you noticed that you depend on desktop applications less than you did in the past? Have you noticed that you spend most of your day in your favorite web browser because project-related communication is done there: emails, issue tracking, document collaboration, wikis and more?

Gantter features all the power of leading desktop scheduling software products without users having to buy or install anything and now allows you to save and share your project schedules from our cloud!

GantterCloud™ now allows you to easily access your project schedules anytime and from anywhere. Want to share and work with others on your project schedules? GantterCloud™ can do that too!

Whether you are planning a complex project like a large construction project, rolling out a new website, managing a big IT project, or simply need to manage your next home renovation project Gantter is the tool for you. Gantter even provides you with a gallery of project templates to help you build your schedule in a fraction of the time.

Microsoft Project users don’t worry. Gantter allows you to import your Microsoft Project files so getting started can be easier than ever.

Google Docs users enjoy Gantter’s seamless integration. Gantter allows you to easily save and share schedules directly to and from Google Docs.  Share your schedules with other users via Google Docs and collaborate with those users in real time over the web on your project plans. Gantter automatically makes your shared members resources on the project so they can easily be assigned tasks and update items in your shared project schedules.

Need more power? Simply install our lightweight Google Chrome or FireFox extensions and you can create Gantter Project Schedules directly from inside of Google Docs. Learn more about our Google Integration capabilities.

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