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Gantter now featuring Collaborative editing and chat!

Providence, RI – March 19, 2013 – InQuest Technologies, Inc announced that the company now offers collaborative editing and chat in Gantter. With Google Drive Realtime integration, users can now collaborate on project schedules in realtime making changes together simultaneously. Users are presented with colorful visual indicators that identify who’s online and what changes they are making. Users can also collaborate with each other with realtime chat – increasing productivity in creating and updating project schedules.

To see these new features in action click here.

“As one of Google’s trusted partners we were thrilled to be selected and have the opportunity to work closely with the Google team again, this time to enable realtime collaboration in Gantter.” says Michael Colapietro, CEO and President of InQuest Technologies. “Allowing Gantter users to collaboratively work on their project schedules with the ability to chat is a huge step in productivity for our users.”

InQuest Technologies is proud to have Gantter be one of the first applications to leverage Google’s realtime API for realtime editing and the very first application to provide realtime chat to their users.

To see Gantter featured in Google’s blog post click here.

Watch this video to see Gantter’s new realtime collaborative editing and chat in action.

About Gantter: is a FREE enterprise cloud based project scheduling application that optionally integrates with Google Drive. Gantter features all the power of leading desktop scheduling Software products without users having to buy or install anything – it is completely free and requires nothing but a web browser. Gantter also allows you to easily import and open your existing Microsoft Project files.

Whether you are planning a complex project like a large construction project, rolling out a new website, managing a big IT project, or simply planning your next home renovation, Gantter is the tool for you. Gantter provides a gallery of project templates that help you build your schedule in a fraction of the time it would take if you were starting from scratch. Gantter’s integration with Google Drive allows you to easily save and open schedules directly to and from Google Drive. You can also share your schedules with other users via Google Drive and collaboratively edit and chat while your project is open –  in realtime over the web.

About Google Drive Realtime API:

Google Drive lets users create Docs, Sheets, and Slides, collaborate on them in realtime, and have their changes saved instantly and automatically. With the new Google Drive Realtime API, you can now easily add the same realtime collaboration that powers Google Drive to your own apps. This new API handles network communication, storage, presence, conflict resolution, and other collaborative details so you can focus on building great apps.


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