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Resources are people, equipment, facilities or anything else required for the completion of a task. In Gantter, you manage resources on Resources view and then assign them to tasks on Tasks view.

To add a resource:

  • Click a cell in Resources view.
  • Type the name of the resource in the field.

Gantter supports two types of resources:

Name Description
Work Anyone that works on a task. Work resources can be people or equipment.
Material Items needed to implement the task.

To assign a resource to a task:

  • Click on the task.
  • Click Actions on the toolbar.
  • Select Properties.
  • Check the box next to the resource you want to assign (Work or Material).

You can also click the dropdown menu in the Type column next to resource and select Work or Material.

Once a resource is assigned to a task, you will see the name next to the task the resource is assigned to.

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